cropped-cropped-foj-cover-photo-2016.jpg我的日本印記 Facebook page 已開設了一段時間,為了更快搜尋過去介紹的各類資訊 (如旅遊日、鉄道日、建築日…….) 及日本不同地區的見聞 (如東京、大阪、京都、九州、北海道、四國……),特意開設了Blog版,分類更清晰,方便搜尋日本旅遊資訊、追蹤「我的日本印記」。

The ‘Footprints of Japan‘ Facebook page has started for a while. In order to search posts of various categories (e.g. J_TRAVEL, J_RAILWAY, J_ARCHITECTURE…) and travel notes of different places (e.g. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kyushu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, etc.) effectively, this blog started as an archive to facilitate information search. From now on, you can search posts quickly according categories and places, and follow my ‘Footprints of Japan’ in no time.